• St Augustine's Catholic Primary is a Christian Community where we are committed to praising God through our work, play and prayer and where we strive to follow Christ's teaching, to `Love one another as I have loved you'.

  • St. Augustine's Catholic Primary school is a Christ centred dynamic community, based in love and respect, at every stage affirming and confirming each person's worth and dignity.

  • We believe that we must strive to develop to the optimum, the potential of every pupil, having regard to the development of the whole person, so that they may be enabled to use to the full their God given gifts, both for their own good, and for the common good of society.

  • Being a Catholic school, great emphasis is placed on the Christian formation of the child's character. Central to this is that we have a special concern for worship, learning about the sacraments and religious education as a whole.

Year 3 Travel The World

Today Year 3 travelled the world, creating greenscreen’s for the first time. They produced Video Postcards from destinations all over the Globe as well as 2 TV Adverts persuading us to visit Disneyland Paris and Benidorm. Take a look and see what you think. Young children intuitively know how to communicate through television and love …

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The Apprentice

Today our Year 6 have been busy following in the footsteps of The Apprentice by putting together an advertisement, using greenscreen, to sell their home baked biscuits. Take a look and see which ones you would like!

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Festivals and Celebrations

Take a look at Year 4′s slideshow highlighting all of the great work and experiences the children have had this half-term learning about Festivals and Celebrations, in particular the Chinese New Year.

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